What type of countertop is right for you?

Finding the right countertop is different for each individual. You must consider the design aspect, your personal taste, durability, and your budget.

Price: What are the price ranges for each type of material. Get your bearing as to what is in your budget.

Durability: There are some things in particular that you should consider when thinking about durability. Heat resistance, scratch resistance, and chemical resistance are all factors that should be considered.

Maintenance: This may or may not be important to you. You may want a surface that does not require a sealer or one that you can clean with the same products you use around the house. For some, a little maintenance is well worth the look they have always wanted.

Slab Size and Seam Placement: Some material is available in larger sizes than others. If you have a kitchen that requires one or more seams a material with a consistent pattern will hide those seams better than one with large veining.  A larger slab may also allow for eliminating a seam in some cases.

Getting familiar with some countertop material options will give you a good start at making your selection.