Once you’ve decided on which stone you will be using for your countertops, take note that the details are just as important when it comes to perfecting your countertop piece. There are many finishing touches to be decided, including the edge profile for your countertop piece. Please take a look below to learn about the many variations of edge profiles.

Standard- Squared and Eased

The standard countertop edge is square and eased. An eased edge has a simple square appearance with no embellishments cut into the stone. This classic edge profile features clean lines, perfect for every style of kitchen (or countertop bearing area.) If you’d like for your tile, decoration, or perhaps lighting to take center stage in your kitchen, this profile is the perfect way to let that shine.

Square and Mitered-

Any time you see an extra-thick countertop, that is a mitered edge. The stone is a standard thickness with a mitered frame around the edges, making the countertop look that much thicker. A mitered edge is a great way to make your countertops the focal point of the room. For a picture, see “Eased and Mitered,” the same concept applies.

Eased and Mitered

As you can guess, this edge profile is the same concept of square and mitered (see above) however with this profile, the edge is eased. Although a slight change, easing the edges of a miter drop makes the stone look quite different with more rounded corners and a softer looking appearance.

Waterfall Edge-

A waterfall edge is a great way to make your countertops the focal point. This edge is commonly used on kitchen islands and features stone running vertically down the edge of the island. A waterfall edge can be done on both ends or just one.


You may know this term from the world of tile, but if not, a bullnose edge is a rounded edge. You can select a demi-bullnose edge (Right), or full ( Left.) A demi-bullnose edge features a rounded top edge, with a square bottom edge, while full bullnose features both sides completely rounded.


This edge is a classic look that evokes the elegance of other eras. This elegant edge can have deep, dramatic curves, or you can opt for a more subtle line. Like a mitered edge, this profile is perfect if you are wanting your countertop to be the focal point of the room.

Beveled Edge-

A beveled edge consists of an edge cut less than 90 degrees. This edge can come in many variations, according to your preference.